Paradox of Fiction Film AWARDS June 2019

Submissions are open for the POF Monthly Festival.


The spirit at the Paradox of Fiction International Film Festival is that of celebration and of community. To award excellence and focus attention on works of quality and of promise.

As we participate in this evolution of cinema and the immersive storytelling of visual media, we are happy to have you as part of this confluence. As different minds merge – who knows what will emerge. MORE


POF Yearly event will be held in January 2020. Come and join us for the first grand PoF Film Awards. We will be screening 20 best films.

The awards ceremony will conclude with the selection of the best short film.


Paradox of Fictional International Film festival – POIFF, aims to raise the profile of arthouse and independent cinema. Cinema that gives a view into a slice of life of people who have slipped from the cracks; Of people who need a voice; Of people who have something to say.

Paradox of Fiction International Film Festival, is an organisation dedicated to finding new artists and take their art to new audiences. The festival seeks to inspire and promote these new independent artists, and films from all over the world.

PoFIFF is a division of BizSensors Infotech Private Limited, an up and coming film production and distribution company.