PoFIFF is an international event with Live Screening of films. Every month 10 best films are officially selected and given certificates of recognition – (Winner, Finalist and Semi-Finalist). At the end of the year the best from each category will compete for the PoF Film Awards and out of them the winner will be declared for individual categories.

Film Category

  • Short Films
  • Documentary Films

Any film between 5- 40 minutes, will be considered.

Award Categories

  • Best Film
  • Best Actor Female
  • Best Actor Male
  • Best Cinematographer
  • Best Director
  • Best Editor
  • Best Music
  • Best Original Screenplay

PoF Film Awards Event

During the Yearly PoF Film Awards event, 10 films from each of the film categories will be screened and declared the Winner, the Finalist and the Semi-finalist – in total 20 films will be screened.

Before screening each film there will be an introduction section where the following will be highlighted:

  • Award category
  • Synopsis of the film
  • Director’s profile
  • Cast and crew
  • Film runtime