Her Words

Urmi, with a dark past goes about coping with her life. She is unaware that there is a far reaching devious design in the waiting. Her dear and closest friends oblivious to such a plot unfolding, get intertwined in a convoluted scheme which can push her further into the deep abysses of an uncertain life.

In the back drop Indra, her lover is developing a Deep Learning model, using artificial intelligence to understand and simulate human behaviour. Pratik, her boyfriend, disgusted with the current governmental apathy and Urmi’s bohemian approach to life, takes help from the dark web and start his own journey to change the world. Tilattoma, Indra’s fiancĂ© reconciles to Indra’s involvement with Urmi and takes the higher moral ground.

The underlying question could be that this may have never happened if Urmi wasn’t abused by her father in the first place – is it destiny or society turning a blind eye to shield itself from oblivion by covering up such predicaments. Urmi’s insecurities, trust issues and isolation are mere manifestation of that one event which changed her forever.

In all this Urmi is a victim who unknowingly also becomes a perpetrator and the blame solely lies with our society in the way it handles anomalies!

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Her Words

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