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Padmalatha Ravi is multi-disciplinary artist who uses visual medium, both theatre and films, to tell stories. Her interest mainly lies in the space of gender and mental health. Her documentary film Good Girls Don’t Dance was screened at several international film festivals. Her last project “unboxed” was about creating a safe space for dialogue on mental health and an art experience around the documentary film of the same name. She is currently working on an experimental documentary titled “If Sita Could” that lays bare the gendered nature of public spaces. She has been using tools from playback theatre, physical theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) in her work with children and adults. She is currently working on a piece that is an inquiry into the trauma of a community that is holding onto the memories and what it means for those outside the community.

Mandira Shah is a film enthusiast and film producer involved in the process of pre and post production of fiction short films in the past two years. The first movies, a trilogy of Urmi’s Cat, Sesh Proshno and Her Words were movies that were multilingual – in Hindi, English and Bangla. Quite like the norm that is the new India. Heavily layered stories that narrated interesting stories which explored societal flaws, the movies have won critical acclaim and multiple awards. Interrupted Mind – the latest movie delves into the psyche of a young man scarred by a childhood mishap. All their movies have won multiple awards and critical acclaim, making it to Cannes short film corner as well as the Mediterranean Cannes short film festival. Coming from a professional corporate IT background, gives her a keen sense of quality and budget which she and the whole team of BizSensors Media brings to the creative world of film making – ensuring that content is never compromised even if the production budgets are minimal.

Akanksha Sood Singh : With over 17 years of work experience that covers the range and breadth of film production, Akanksha has developed and honed her skills, often in extremely high pressure – high demand settings which range from the jungles to tent pole feature films, crafting scripts to negotiating complex acquisition & co-productions and now to producing and directing her own films. Akanksha’s films have seen first broadcast on networks like BBC, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Discovery, Animal Planet, PBS US, NDR Nature Films, Public Television Taiwan, Arte, France 5, Channel 4,  Smithsonian Channel and HNK. Akanksha has won three National Film Awards given by the president of India, a Wildscreen (Green Oscar) Nomination, a UN Film Award, a Nomination at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film festival and recently, the World’s Emerging Documentarian Award. She is one of the Juror for the 2018 and 2019 International Emmy Awards – Documentary category