Sesh Proshno

Anirban, a middle aged man is facing a personal dilemma with his live-in partner and comes to meet his mentor, Mr. Gupta, to find an answer. During the course of his discussion with Mr. Gupta, Anirban discovers many aspects of his mentor’s personal life. 

At the backdrop, an interplay of Anirban’s discussion with his live-in partner – Urmi, reveals his dilemma. In one of their interactions, Anirban finds her condom and he confronts her. She accepts that she is in a relationship with Pratik (a mutual friend), which is purely physical in nature but at the same time she tells Anirban that she is in love with him.

On the other hand Mr. Gupta having shared his personal life experiences with Anirban also goes through a transformation and self-realization about what he himself achieved out of his life and decides to leave everything and go somewhere.

At the end Anirban’s question remains unanswered but the discussion with his mentor leads him to a self realisation that changes his perspective about relationships and he accepts Urmi the way she is.

The story is about how the concept of relationship and marriage is fast changing and the new normal in today’s world is far different from what it used to be a generation back. 

The broader question is about who is the custodian of morality – Is it society? or it’s an individual’s decision. Will the concept of marriage and relationship as perceived today change with the passage of time? 

Note: The film was short in two days.

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